About Us...

Founded in 1998, Webtowork has always focused on helping small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to utilise the internet without needing technical expertise themselves. 

Early work focussed on web design and completely hosted solutions, and later we became involved in developing e-commerce capabilities and fund-raising websites for a range of organisations and businesses. However it was through our involvement as part of the management team for Milton Malsor Village Hall (click here for the case study) that we came to realise the power of on-line booking systems as an enabler for small businesses and community based projects to dramatically improve their business perfomance.  

It also became apparent that the online booking capability we had developed for Milton Malsor Village Hall was potentially directly transferable to many other village halls and could be offered at a price point that literally everyone could afford. The system could also be easily adapted to many other types of small businesses and we have begun to explore there (click here to see some examples).  

We now see an opportunity to bring together all the strands of what we have been working on for years into a single business model and a suite of products that could benefit thousands of other businesses.

We are not seeking to become a large business ourselves, and we we are passionate about making a positive impact in both the community in which we live and wider society – we believe that many other businesses feel the same and we want to play our part in enabling them to do that. 

Our Vision

To take our experience and expertise gained over many years and apply it to helping small businesses and community based projects to maximise their effectiveness through the internet and web-based tools. In doing this we will build both a sustainable small business of our own and enable others to do the same, to the benefit of the wider society in which we live and work.


Our Mission

To become the first choice for online booking systems and associated services for small businesses and community projects