Features - some of the key aspects of our booking system

Why choose our booking system? Well, just check out the great features we offer:

Easy to Customise

  • An abundance of features ensures that you can make your online scheduling software work the way you want it to work, not the other way around

  • All the features are available from day 1 at no extra charge, so you can just configure them and turn them on whenever you are ready

  •  Every aspect of the booking and payment system is easily controlled in a way that suits you

  • All booking systems are designed to work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

  • Adjust the layout of your schedule to match the style of your own website

  • Show your schedule by day, week, month or in list format 

  • Create your own custom booking fields and drop down lists and create forms that can be added to your registration or booking process to capture additional information

  • Use constraints to specify how long people can book in advance, when they can cancel and how often they can book

  • Allow users to make repeated bookings or require them to sign up for a series of bookings all at once

  • Available in 26 languages, supports 26 currencies and all the world’s time zones

User Management

  • Assign additional management abilities to “super users”, such as the ability to change a reservation for someone else

  • Specify who can create, update or delete reservations and when they can do so

  • Fine-grained control over who can access the schedule and who can see which details on the schedule

  • View customer history and upcoming activity

  • Act on behalf of users and block or unblock users

  • Add supervisor fields that can only be viewed and edited by authorised users


Automated Reminders

  • Send email confirmations, SMS reminders or follow-up emails automatically both before and after bookings with fully customised content

  •  Minimise "no-shows" and under utilisation

  • Use waiting list queues with automatic or manual placement and notifications to maximize utilisation

  • Choose whether new people registering have a valid email address and send them an automatic  verification email if you want to

  • Receive a daily schedule activity report by email if you want it


On-line Payment Options

  • Handle payment yourself or choose to allow payment by PayPal and/or credit cards through a fully integrated, secure payment gateway

  • Set up pricing rules - allows you to give time dependant discounts or let the price depend on selected options - e.g. Charge more at evening and weekends

  • Sell credit if you want to for redemption later

  • Use discount codes to change prices for particuar users or groups

  • Choose whether new people registering have a valid email address and send them an automatic  verification email if you want to

  • Electronic coupons can be used for ongoing or one-off discounts


Sync with external calendars

  • Using other calendars to take bookings? - no problem! Your bookings taken online can sync automatically with Google & Microsoft Outlook calendars so that those appointments are automatically shown as booked

  • Set your Google calendar so that appointments there show up as unavailable on your online schedule

  • Display your appointments on an external calendar program such as Microsoft Outlook, or the calendar on your mobile phone/tablet

  • Availability on one schedule can be chained to depend on another one where resources are shared

  • Add iCal attachments to booking confirmations, so they can be added to a calendar on your computer with a single click


Secure Data

  • Access to your booking system can be controlled by IP address, email address, a shared password and more

  • All booking systems use encrypted connections with https (SSL / TLS) as default

  • All data servers are located in a state of the art datacenter with 24/7 monitoring, fully redundant power supplies and Internet links, with automatic backups at regular intervals to two different locations and in full compliance with the strict EU Data Protection Directive

Insightful Reports

  • A dedicated reporting section provides you with insights on booking activity

  • All user data can be imported and exported in various formats - for example to a program such as Excel, allowing you to also create your own reports

  • A booking overview is also available in printable formats for offline use

  • Selection menus can contain product codes for easy back office processing