6 compelling reasons why you should consider using our system to create an online booking capability

1) Online booking is fast becoming the new standard, benefiting both companies and consumers with its convenience and accessibility 

·     Big companies have been utilising online bookings for many years; the technology is now mature enough for it to be accessible for everyone in business, regardless of size

·     The popularity of online shopping amongst consumers keeps increasing, and this carries over into the way customers expect to deal with businesses for tasks like making bookings – they want the same ease of use and expect to be able to reach a business 24/7

·     We have proven case studies that show very significant growth  in business (>300%!), as a direct consequence of using our booking system 




2) The flexibility of our system means it can be utilised for many different applications

·     Our system can be used in a wide variety of cases, ranging from serving as a booking system for village halls to holiday home rental, to small businesses & individuals using the system to schedule appointments with clients

·     Our system allows you to create as many schedules as you like. Many clients take advantage of this and use the system for additional purposes, such as booking meeting rooms for internal meetings

·     The system is available in 26 languages and supports 26 different currencies



3) Our self-service model allows users access to all the different functions of the system themselves

·     We have support options that range from “DIY” where we simply provide the code you need for you website and you do all the rest, right through to a fully managed setup and maintenance service where we do everything for you

·     Our documentation page offers background information on specific system settings

·     You can always rely on our support for additional assistance


4) Different schedule types are available to support the needs of almost any type of business

·     The “resource” schedule is designed for one-on-one appointments, like when booking a meeting room, therapy session or driving lesson

·     The “capacity” schedule can handle multiple reservations in one time slot, which is popular for applications such as event registration or classes, where people can sign up until a pre-set limit is reached, after which a waiting list is available

·     The “service” schedule allows the user to select a service rather than a resource, at which point they are presented with the available times. This is helpful where you might need for example to ensure that a room, a person and a particular piece of equipment are all available before making an appointment available – now the system can take care of all of that for you!

5) A wide range of system features enables you to customise the system to your individual needs

·     Automatic confirmations by email and/or SMS can dramatically reduce missed appointments and “no shows”

·     Integrated payment options allow online payment via PayPal, credit or debit cards in addition to your existing payment methods

·     The system is easily integrated into your existing website and/or Facebook page



6) Your booking system can be integrated into any site - even if you don't currently have a website...


·     Integrate the booking system into your existing website or Facebook page 

·     Use your own domain name to send confirmation emails

·     If you don’t have a website you can still use our booking system - we can provide a webpage and information about your business as well as using it to host you boloking system...see our "web starter pack" in our pricing section (click here)